Birds & Glass


The Issue

Given the hundreds of millions of birds killed every year due to collisions with glass on buildings, bird window strikes are rapidly becoming a major factor in the decline of bird populations. This is caused by glass on all types of structures—from big city skyscrapers to windows on personal residences.


The reflective and transparent characteristics of glass make windows and facades dangerous for birds. They see the reflection of trees or the sky in a window, or see through the glass to trees and sky on the other side of a window or glass corridor. There is no barrier perceived and they fly into the glass causing instant death or severe head trauma that they eventually die from or because they are injured, fall prey to scavengers.

The Challenge

Glass as a design element has many purposes, including providing a feeling of openness and to bring sunlight into the building. And advances in glass technology make it an ideal building and design material. This along with green building practices that focus on energy efficiency through the use of natural light add up to more and more glass being utilized in architecture, which translates to continued dangerous conditions for birds. 


Architects, builders and owners are challenged to specify glass that is attractive, provides a feeling of openness and natural light; is maintainable; affordable; energy-efficient...and also that creates “visual noise” alerting birds that a barrier is present.



There are many resources for more information about birds and glass, and bird-safe design.


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